Privacy Policy

Both the information collected via cookies, such as user activity on the website, or the contact information entered by the user in the forms, can only be used to:

1. Analyze website activity in order to improve it. for 2. Contact the user, by the provider or an advertiser, in order to provide the requested service or evaluate it. for 3. Facilitate the promotion of the website and its contents through social networks.

The webmaster cannot rule out that the social networks and analysis systems associated with this site for the purposes described in points 1 and 3 use information related to user activity on the website collected through their cookies for purposes other than those described above.

Language: The language applicable to this Privacy Policy is Spanish. Therefore, if there is any contradiction in any of the versions provided in other languages, the Spanish version will prevail.

In the event that the user wants to publish their opinion on the web, we inform you that the data provided will be kept as long as there is a mutual interest in doing so. The only personal data that will be published about the witness will be her name.

Forms: The information you enter in the forms can be analyzed by the webmaster in order to verify that the system works correctly, to fight against spam, to evaluate SEO and marketing campaigns or to evaluate the quality of the service provided by companies. that are advertised on this page.