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What to know about El Hierro

Many of the beaches of El Hierro are difficult to access, so tourists bathe in small coves and natural pools.

At 1,500 meters high, Malpaso is its highest mountain.

The geography of El Hierro

The island of El Hierro is located in the Atlantic Ocean and is one of the smallest islands in Spain.

It is also one of the least populated islands, declared a Biosphere Reserve and Geopark by Unesco.

El Hierro has an airport, next to the capital: Valverde.

The climate of El Hierro

The climate of El Hierro is not as arid as the climate of the Sahara.

The capital of El Hierro is cool, with an average temperature of 18 °C in summer and 11 °C in winter.

In summer, the average temperature in the north of El Hierro is about 26 °C. The south registers 4 °C more than the north.

The water temperature in El Hierro

The water temperature of El Hierro is 18 °C in winter and 20 °C in summer.

Summary of the history of El Hierro

The Bimbache, related to the African Berbers, were the aboriginal people of Hierro.

In the 15th century the island would be conquered and repopulated by Normans and Castilians.

This island would be visited by Christopher Columbus during his second expedition to America.

During the 19th and 20th centuries, El Hierro would become the destination of many illustrious exiled politicians.

Public buses in El Hierro

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Taxis in El Hierro

If you need a taxi in El Hierro, call this number: +34 922 55 11 75

Ferries to El Hierro

    Tenerife - El Hierro
    • Travel time: 2 hours
    • Login: All year round
    • Naviera Armas: Tel. +34 91 010 98 89