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What to know about Majorca

If you go on holiday to Majorca, there are a few things you might be interested in knowing about this Spanish island.

The geography of Majorca

With more than 500km of coastline, Majorca has almost 350 beaches of all kinds.

On a geological level, it should be noted that this Balearic island is flat, with the exception of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, with summits that are over 1,400 meters high.

The climate of Majorca

Majorca’s climate is typically Mediterranean, with temperatures that remain above 30°C in the summer and winters in which they rarely drop below 7°C.

The weather forecast

Below you will find several pages to check the weather forecasts.

The water temperature in Majorca

The water temperature on the coast of Majorca can fluctuate more than 10 degrees throughout the year.

While in February the sea temperature can drop close to 13 degrees Celsius, in August it can reach 27 degrees Celsius.

Table with average water temperatures

January 15°C
February 14ºC
March 14ºC
April 15ºC
May 18°C
June 22°C
July 25°C
August 26°C
September 25°C
October 23ºC
November 19ºC
December 16ºC

To find out more about the sea water temperature in Majorca in the different months of the year, click here

Summary of the history of Majorca

The first inhabitants of Majorca arrived around 3500 BC. Little is known about these people, although archaeological studies in various prehistoric settlements show a constant cultural evolution.

In the year 121 B.C. the island was conquered by the Roman Empire. Following that conquest, the Balearic slingers of the local Talayotic Culture would fight as mercenaries in the Roman ranks, just as they had done for several centuries for the Carthaginian Empire.

When the Roman Empire fell, Majorca was conquered by the Vandals, although only until the year 534, when Belisarius reconquered the island for the Bizantine Empire.

During the last two centuries of Byzantine rule, the island was the victim of increasingly frequent Muslim attacks, until in 903 Majorca was finally conquered by Islam.

Mallorca was reconquered by the Christians of the Iberian Levant in 1231, when king James I of Aragon created the Kingdom of Majorca, which (along with other lands) included the entire archipelago.

The history of Majorca is long and complex, but since the Christian conquest, despite wars and attacks, the Christians of the northeastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula remained in the largest of the Balearic Islands until today, and with them their own versions of the language, culture and beliefs they had brought with them.

Tourist services in Majorca

Majorca is an ideal island for tourism, with an international airport, sun, beach and mountains, and an immense tourist services offer ranging from cultural to adventure tourism.

Contacts of interest for tourists in Majorca

If you plan to come as a tourist to Majorca, there are some contacts for your holidays on the island that may be of your greatest interest.

Public buses in Majorca

The island of Majorca has a powerful network of regular bus lines so you can travel cheaply and safely to practically any point in its geography.

The regular bus lines in Majorca are divided into 6 large blocks: blocks 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 and the city of Palma de Mallorca block.

  • Click here to find the updated map of all of Majorca and the regular bus line you need.
  • Click here to see the map of regular buses in the city of Palma de Mallorca and find the updated bus line you need
  • Click here to download in PDF format the map of regular bus lines throughout the island of Majorca

Taxis in Majorca

On the island of Majorca, the taxi service is organized by municipalities, with most municipalities having their own group of taxi drivers with their own switchboard.

In the case of the capital of the island, there are several groups of taxi drivers and taxi companies that can be contacted. Below are the lists of companies that offer taxi service in the city of Palma de Mallorca and in the rest of the island.

Taxis in Palma de Mallorca

Taxi Mallorca 365 651 178 961
Mallorca Taxis 607 266 255
Taxi Phone 971 728 081
Radio Taxi 971 201 212
Ntaxi 607 266 255
Palma Radio Taxis 971 401 414
Taxi Telephone Palma 971 744 050

Taxis on the island of Majorca

Platja De Muro Taxis 971 860 404
Taxi Pollença 971 866 213
Taxi Portocolom 971 824 347
Taxi Sóller 971 638 484
Taxis Alcúdia 971 549 870
Taxis Andratx 971 136 398
Taxi Arenal / Llucmajor 971 440 212
Taxi Artà 647 957 432
Bunyola Taxis 670 491 030
Cala D’or Taxis 971 657 058
Inca Taxi 971 881 020
Taxis Manacor 971 822 492
Taxi Cala Millor 971 586 969
Taxi Cala Rajada 637 741 418
Taxi Calvià 971 134 700
Taxi Campos 649 958 489

Emergency phone numbers in Majorca

Medical emergencies112
Local Police092
National Police091
Son Espases Hospital+34 871-205 000

Ferries in Majorca

You can also get to Majorca by ferry. There are two ports with the necessary infrastructure to receive ferries, the Port of Palma de Mallorca and the Puerto de Alcudia.

Ferries in the Port of Palma de Mallorca

There are 5 ferry connections from Palma de Mallorca:

  • Barcelona - Palma Mallorca
    • Travel time: between 6 and 8 hours
    • Baleària: Tel. +34 912 660 215
    • Trasmediterranea: Tel. +34 91 736 99 57
  • Valencia - Palma Mallorca
    • Travel time: between 6 and 8 hours
    • Baleària: Tel. +34 912 660 215
    • Trasmediterranea: Tel. +34 91 736 99 57
  • Dènia - Palma Mallorca
    • Travel time: between 6 and 8 hours
    • Baleària: Tel. +34 912 660 215
  • Ibiza - Palma Mallorca
    • Travel time: 2 hours
    • Connection: All year
    • Trasmediterranea: Tel. +34 91 736 99 57
    • Baleària: Tel. +34 912 660 215
  • Minorca - Palma Mallorca
    • Travel time: 5.5 hours
    • Connection: All year
    • Trasmediterranea: Tel. +34 91 736 99 57
    • Baleària: Tel. +34 912 660 215

Ferries in the Port of Alcudia

From the Port of Alcudia there are two ferry connections, a ferry from Toulon (only during the summer season) and a ferry to Minorca (all year round)

  • Minorca - Alcúdia
    • Travel time: 1.5 hours
    • Connection: All year
    • Baleària: Tel. +34 912 660 215
    • Trasmapi: +34 971 31 44 33
  • Toulon - Alcúdia
    • Travel time: 12 hours
    • Country: France
    • Connection: summer only
    • Corsica Ferries: Tel. +34 495329595